Monday, July 27, 2009

Where to start...

I've tried starting a blog several times now but it never seems to go very well. So now maybe third times a charm. I'm not going to try writing about me, since that seems to be where all my writing problems come from. So, I'm going to try writing just about my lampwork or mostly about other peoples lampwork.

Right now, there are some issues going on in our lampworking community that have resurfaced from a year ago, this time pulling in people from other areas (bakers, soap makers, etc). A very unstable lady from Texas has been filing false charges of fraud against many of us. She has even sent officials to these other lampworkers homes as a result of these fake claims. She has even made a blog where she has formed a "group" to bring these lawbreakers out into the open (she had two going but one has already been shut down).

Well, now this crazy lady's actions are being brought to the attention of everyone. If you read this report from,, it'll explain more and give you the link to her site and others that tell the real story.

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