Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guess it's my turn

Well the lovely U nutjob has finally decided to be so kind as to add me to her blog. Boy is it a doozy too. It's pretty funny the stuff she comes up with. I don't think she would know what Fraud was if it came up and bit her on the ass. None of the information she posted was a big secret or anything, I have nothing to hide, actually I'll explain everything in full.

My PayPal account is a business account (she did get that right, wow). I share this account with my fiance, it is his company that is the one listed, Tourek Engraving Co. It's a printing and engraving company that his great-grandfather started over 91 years ago. Our joint checking
account is one of the options linked to this paypal addy, along with a company cc. Which gives me every right to use this account.

She said the president of the corporation was going to be notified of this PayPal account. I'm pretty sure the president already knows, since she is Matt's mom. Matt and his mom own the company now. Nice try with that one U.

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